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Resident Startups 

The Entrepreneurship Center is home to many incredible startups who are redefining what's possible for their industry and looking to make a big impact on the world for the better. See who's hard at work changing tomorrow!

  • AI-Enabled Screening

    AI-Enabled Screening

    AI-Enabled Screening Assistant analyzes student applications to identify those who not only meet academic criteria but also demonstrate the qualities that align with your university’s culture and values. Our tool uses machine learning algorithms to analyze student application essays, recommendation letters, and other application components, providing a holistic assessment of each applicant. 

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  • AFVS


    Centered on human connection, well-being, and holistic health, AFVS uses human-centered design and a theory of change. Evaluating ventures beyond traditional metrics, we aim to transform them from single to triple-bottom-line entities, focusing on brand potential, product R&D, scalability, and enhancing impact, story, logistics, and direct-to-consumer strategies. 

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  • Athletech


    Athletech is a Generative AI Video Analysis platform that helps athletes train.  

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  • Billion Labs

    Billion Labs

    Billion Labs hopes to enable widespread smartphone health measurements. Our key focus is pursuing FDA approval for a proprietary smartphone blood pressure measurement. 

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  • Carbon Blade

    Carbon Blade

    Carbon Blade is changing the way the world thinks about carbon dioxide removal (CDR) with its Zero Emission, Direct Air Capture (DAC) system sequestering CO2 at the source. Carbon Blade's containerized, small footprint system can be deployed anywhere. Fueled with 100% renewable energy, there is zero waste and carbon is put to use directly at the source.

  • Craitor


    At Craitor we are working to revolutionize the DoD supply chain to enhance material readiness and warfighter capability. We aspire to expand the edge manufacturing capabilities for the warfighter and de-risk additive manufacturing within the DoD and commercial markets. 

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  • Dotstash


    Dotstash provides accessible organic menstrual products in public spaces. The company partners with schools and universities to ensure students have easy access to menstrual products and essential health and wellness items. 

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  • Eyegenex


    Eyegenex is pioneering two glaucoma drugs to prevent blindness.  

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  • EVT


    EVT Increases Accessibility, Engagement, and Views with A.I. Content Generation from Video Recordings. 

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  • Hybrid Reef Systems

    Hybrid Reef Systems

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  • KPT Labs

    KPT Labs

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  • LabVidix


    LabVidix Inc. is developing an enterprise AI/ML video recording and analysis software platform for drug development. By automating video capture, cataloguing, and analysis of laboratory-based drug development processes, LabVidix can help reduce the 30% of total R&D cost spent on documentation. 

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  • Matrigen


    At Matrigen, LLC, we're intent on transforming the landscape of cell culture. Our objective is to make cell culture more realistic without making life more complicated for the bench scientist.  

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  • Mercury Alert

    Mercury Alert

    Mercury Alert focuses on remote AI older adult monitoring at home and in communities. 

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  • MoonPads


    MoonPads entered the US market in February of 2022 through Amazon and continues to look for ways to share our organic, biodegradable, and compostable products with more consumers. We aim to build community to support one another throughout our menstrual cycles, smashing the stigmas around the blood that we all originate from.  

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  • NanoMood


    NanoMood presents a cutting-edge platform that seamlessly integrates biometric data for the purpose of treatment management and monitoring within the realm of neurological diseases. By harnessing the power of biometric data, we are positioned to offer comprehensive insights and personalized solutions, thereby paving the way for more effective and patient-centric approaches in the treatment of neurological conditions. 

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  • Neet Sheets

    Neet Sheets

    Neet Sheets created a fitted sheet and flat sheet invention that is a life saver for the bedroom, the bed and breakfast room, as well as the hotel room. 

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  • Onxite


    Onxite is a SaaS measurement & reporting platform, modernizing and transforming data analytics for sponsored events. 

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  • Personal AI

    Personal AI

    Personal AI provides a powerful tool for creating a digital version of their mind, capturing their unique personality and style, while ensuring transparency, privacy protection, and ethical use. It allows professionals to stay connected, save time, and maintain a strong reputation in the digital age. 

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  • Promo Drone

    Promo Drone

    Promo Drone was founded in 2016 in San Diego, CA with a focus on making aerial drone operations more transparent, engaging, and community friendly.

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  • ReBlood Rx

    ReBlood Rx

    ReBlood Rx is engineering a functional polymerized hemoglobin-based oxygen carrier (HBOCs) to improve remote damage control resuscitation (RDCR), targeting environments where traditional solutions fall short due to their lack of oxygen-carrying capacity and blood is not an option. 

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  • Reliabl


    Reliabl is a B2B API that accurately annotates data in real-time and uses that data to build high-performing AI models for customers across industries - helping them to make better informed, less biased business decisions. 

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  • RoomChazer


    RoomChazer revolutionizes the "roommate industry" by merging technology from Airbnb and the dating apps into a user-friendly app built for college students. College students can now rent the right room with the right roommates through a secure and legitimate process, eliminating the risk for scams, flakes, and unsettling roommate situations.  

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  • Sensable


    Sensable develops of new scent technologies and 3D/immersive content for mixed reality applications. 

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  • Stack IT

    Stack IT

    Stack IT develops a full-stack staffing solution designed to deliver top-tier software developers and help push businesses to new heights. With a meticulous selection process, tailored training, and keen evaluation, Stack IT handpicks the perfect talent to match requirements, industry, and technological demands. 

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  • Vita Global

    Vita Global

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  • Y Montessori

    Y Montessori

    Y Montessori creates an application for Montessori schools to record the child's learning progress and create a custom Montessori learning program for parents. 

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