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Social Contract Wall

Our Social Contract

Yellow-Post-it.pngI am joining an inclusive, collaborative community of partners. Together we will extend and expand the innovation economy in San Diego.


Post-it-Green.pngI will move beyond my comfort zone. I will dream, experiment, iterate, and persist, acknowledging both our successes and failures as we test new ideas.


Post-it-Orange.pngI am committed to helping our community be inclusive and diverse.


Post-it-Purple.pngI will be open to new ideas, new people, new opportunities, and new ways to contribute to the entrepreneurial ecosystem of San Diego.


Post-it-Red.pngI will extend trust to other before expecting to receive trust in return. I will treat everyone fairly. I will take advantage of no one. I will operate with integrity.


Post-it-Teal.pngI will embrace risk, knowing it might lead to failure, confident that it will generate regional prosperity.


Yellow-Post-it.pngI agree to “pay forward” whatever positive benefits I receive.


Post-it-Orange.pngI will bring people together, as none of us is as smart as all of us.