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  • Paul Roben

    Paul Roben

    Associate Vice Chancellor for Innovation & Commercialization

    Paul Roben, Ph.D., oversees the OIC to establish a campus-wide innovation platform in service of three goals- 1) build a systemic and sustainable innovation culture, 2) create a vibrant regional ecosystem, and 3) accelerate the commercialization of UC San Diego inventions. Working with the Vice Chancellor for Research in this position since June 2015, Paul Roben, Ph.D., is transforming the functions provided by the Technology Transfer Office, Industry Research Alliances, and Industry Contracting into an integrated organization to include patenting, strategic corporate research partnering and industry contracts. Previously, he was Senior Director of Office Technology Development at the Salk Institute in La Jolla, working with multiple academic institutes to develop strategic processes to drive innovation alliances, and help translate their research programs into products for patients and society.
  • Greg Horowitt

    Greg Horowitt

    Director - Innovation Design

    Greg Horowitt is the cofounder and Managing Director of T2 Venture Creation and has spent 25+ years working in startups and venture capital. He is the co-author of the bestselling book, The Rainforest: The Secret to Building the Next Silicon Valley and has consulted on innovation with top organizations like the Aspen Institute, National Academies of Science, World Bank, and US Department of State. He worked under Warren Buffett as an executive at a Berkshire Hathaway operating company, is a Kauffman Fellow, and has been a founder, investor, and board member in many leading organizations
  • Trisha “9Key” Williams

    Trisha “9Key” Williams

    Chief Executive Officer

    Trisha has spent the last 20 years building 3D worlds in the video game and innovation industries.  As a leader in creating immersive spaces, Trisha has collaborated with The USC Cinema World Building Media Lab, Marion Ewing Kauffman Foundation, Sundance New Frontiers, and is currently working in affiliation with the Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination and UCSD Innovation.  Formally trained as a technical artist with a Masters of Interactive Technology from The Guildhall at SMU, Trisha not only creates virtual spaces for Origami Air, but helps guide a new generation of world builders into the field by leading programming and development for UC San Diego’s MAVERiC Studio.

  • Joseph “TilT” Unger

    Joseph “TilT” Unger

    Chief Ecosystem Officer

    Joseph Unger leads ecosystem development at Origami Air Co, an XR World Developer and Publisher that focuses on Pro-Social Production. He is an expert in XR World Building, Content, Community Development, and Live Operations of Virtual Worlds. Unger's focus is on the future of active entertainment and creative work. With expertise in game design across all game types and platforms, Joseph has worked as a leading designer at studios such as Zynga, Sony, and 2K. He is passionate about using world-building as a practice to develop productions across Virtual, Augmented, and Practical reality.

  • Amy Winkler

    Amy Winkler

    Chief Experiments Officer

    Amy Winkler is an accomplished technical artist with over 17 years of experience in the game, film, and virtual reality industries. As a co-founder of Origami Air Co., she has advised on technical animation, engine implementation, and improved workflows for multiple studios. She has also played an integral role in managing workforce development, helping train and mentor the next generation of VR artists and world builders. Amy has collaborated with organizations, including Adult Swim, Good Kingdom Group, Pigeon Hole Productions, Forgotten Empires, Beach Day Studios, and the Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination and UCSD Innovation. With a Masters of Interactive Technology from The Guildhall at SMU, Amy has expertise in production management, design, and development, which has made her a valuable asset in the industry. Amy's contributions and passion have earned her recognition in the field for education and innovation, helping shape the future of virtual reality.

  • Maxwell Luthy

    Maxwell Luthy

    Chief Emersion Officer

    Through delivering innovation workshops, 100+ keynotes, design sprints and reports for organizations including Adidas, Spotify, Boeing, Vans, Disney, Mastercard, and Google, Max has spent more than a decade helping companies prepare for the consumer of tomorrow.  He has co-created Trend Frameworks for three companies (total market cap $55B) to guide cross-departmental innovation.  His current endeavors include creating pro-social, virtual worlds as a co-founder of Origami Air, and revolutionizing the beverage market through PLINK!